Indoor photo of the Nero White Lacquer Desk by Sharelle Furnishings
Front side view of the Sharelle Nero White Lacquer Executive Desk For Home Office.
Back side view of the Sharelle Nero White Lacquer Executive Desk For Home Office.

Sharelle Nero Desk - White Lacquer

$3,299.00 $2,899.00

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Add effortless class to your home office with the Sharelle Nero White Lacquer Desk. This substantial centerpiece, weighing 420lbs, features a high-gloss white lacquer finish for a sleek, modern look. Three spacious drawers with smooth-gliding mechanisms provide ample storage, keeping your workspace organized. The clean lines and elegant design make it a versatile addition, fitting seamlessly into traditional or minimalist decor. Perfect for the discerning professional, the Nero Desk combines sophistication with practical functionality, making it an essential piece for any refined home office.

  • High-gloss white lacquer finish
  • Three spacious drawers for ample storage
  • Sleek, modern design suitable for any decor style

Product Specifications

  Width Depth Height Weight CFT
Desk 78.5" 34" 30" 420 35.30


An Executive Desk Centerpiece for your Home Office, in White Lacquer

The Sharelle Nero White Lacquer Desk stands as an upscale centerpiece, weighing 420lbs and radiating an effortless class suitable for any home office style, be it traditional or modern minimalist. This executive desk is designed to impress with its commanding presence and sophisticated aesthetics.

Imposing Presence and Design

The first thing you'll notice about the Nero Desk is its substantial build. Weighing in at 420lbs, this desk is a testament to sturdy craftsmanship and durability. Its weight not only ensures stability but also reflects the quality materials used in its construction. The imposing presence of the Nero Desk makes it an ideal focal point for any home office, commanding attention and respect.

The desk's surface is finished in a high-gloss white lacquer, which exudes a sense of purity and elegance. This finish is not only visually appealing but also practical, as it is easy to clean and resistant to scratches. The clean lines and sleek design of the Nero Desk make it a versatile piece that can seamlessly integrate into various interior decor styles, from classic to contemporary.

Functional and Spacious

Functionality is a key aspect of the Sharelle Nero Desk. It features three spacious drawers, providing ample storage for all your office essentials. These drawers are designed to keep your workspace organized and clutter-free, ensuring that you can maintain a tidy and efficient work environment. The drawers are also equipped with smooth-gliding mechanisms, making them easy to open and close, even when fully loaded.

The expansive desk surface offers plenty of room for your computer, documents, and other office supplies. Whether you are working on multiple projects or need space to spread out your work, the Nero Desk provides the necessary space to accommodate your needs. The generous surface area also allows for the addition of decorative items, personal touches, or additional organizational tools, further enhancing the desk's functionality.

Effortless Class and Versatility

The Sharelle Nero Desk is designed to add a touch of effortless class to any home office. Its minimalist design and white lacquer finish create a sense of modern elegance that can elevate the overall aesthetic of your workspace. The desk's versatile style allows it to blend seamlessly with various decor themes, whether you prefer a traditional, modern, or eclectic look.

The white lacquer finish reflects light beautifully, making your office space appear brighter and more inviting. This finish also complements a wide range of color schemes, allowing you to customize your office decor to suit your personal taste. Whether you choose to pair it with bold accent colors or keep it simple with neutral tones, the Nero Desk will enhance the visual appeal of your office.

Perfect for the Discerning Professional

The Sharelle Nero Desk is tailored for the discerning professional who values both style and practicality. Its substantial build and sophisticated design make it a perfect choice for executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone who works from home and wants to create an inspiring and productive environment.

This desk is not just a piece of furniture; it is a statement of your commitment to quality and excellence. It reflects your attention to detail and your appreciation for fine craftsmanship. By choosing the Sharelle Nero Desk, you are investing in a piece that will not only serve you well but also enhance the overall ambiance of your home office.